(2203) How do I change my user profile information once I've made my choice?

To change your user profile, you must be logged into the system using your existing user ID and password (if you do not have a user ID and password you must first register on the site using your PIN). Once you are logged in, just click on the 'My Profile' button located in the drop down box on the top right side of the page. From this page, you can change your user profile.

(53) I called the MyFRS Financial Guidance Line and spoke with an EY financial planner who was friendly and very helpful. When I call again, how can I speak with the same person?

When you call again, just ask for the financial planner by name and you'll be connected with him or her. If that person is unavailable when you call, he or she will call you back. If you would like to speak with a different person, a record of your previous conversation will be available to the financial planner who answers your call. Remember, the MyFRS Financial Guidance Line 1-866-446-9377 (or TRS 711) is available to take your call from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Eastern time, Monday through Friday, except holidays.

(2201) How do I change my PIN once I receive my Retirement Choice Kit?

You can change your PIN either by phone or online once you have received your New Employee FRS Enrollment Kit containing your provided PIN information. To change your PIN by phone call the MyFRS Financial Guidance Line toll-free at 1-866-446-9377, Option 4. To change your PIN online, you must first register on the site by creating a unique user ID and password. Next, log in using your user ID and password, and click on the 'My Profile' button located in the drop down box on the top right side of the page. Near the bottom of the new page you will see a link to a form allowing you to submit and confirm a new PIN. Your new PIN will be activated immediately.

(2208) If I die during the Choice period and have not made a choice, is my beneficiary eligible to make a choice for me?

No. You will remain in the Pension Plan, and your beneficiary may be entitled to receive a survivor benefit payment, if he is eligible under that plan.

(2202) What do I do if I lose or forget my PIN?

You can request a PIN reminder either by phone or online.

To request a PIN reminder by phone, call the MyFRS Financial Guidance Line toll-free at 1-866-446-9377, Option 4.

To request a PIN reminder online, click here.

(56) Will the FRS continue to provide services after I make my plan choice?

Yes. You will continue to have access to the Advisor Service, Choice Service, and EY will continue to provide education and counseling services.

(51) What educational resources are available to help me learn about my retirement plan choice and both retirement plans?

Educational services are being provided to all FRS members through the MyFRS Financial Guidance line – and, it's free. The planners and counselors on the line can help you understand the:

  • difference between the two FRS plans;
  • importance of retirement planning and anticipating future income needs; and
  • basics of investing and how to be an effective long-term investor.

Independent, experienced financial education firms are providing the services for this program. These firms – GuidedChoice and EY – are not connected with either retirement plan and do not sell investment or insurance products, so there's no potential conflict of interest. Under the FRS, you can receive financial information in many different ways, including:

  • A personalized Benefit Comparison Statement explains your plan options, plan election deadline, and your MyFRS.com PIN. This statement will be sent to your home addressee.
  • The CHOICE SERVICE, an Internet-based service that lets you see what your future benefit would be under both plans, using a variety of different assumptions. The CHOICE SERVICE will also help you determine which investment funds are best suited for you.
  • One-on-one plan choice support and investment guidance via the MyFRS Financial Guidance Line - a toll-free phone number for all FRS members: 1-866-446-9377 or TRS 711.
  • MyFRS.com Web site, your online source where you can find everything you need to know about the plans and the investment funds, including the CHOICE SERVICE, frequently asked questions, copies of all print materials and more detailed material, if you'd like.

After your Choice period ends – the program expands to include:

  • Online ADVISOR® SERVICE, available on this Web site, to help you create a comprehensive financial plan for retirement;
  • Additional guidance regarding your second chance to switch plans through the CHOICE SERVICE; and
  • Ongoing on-site employee workshops each year on a variety of financial topics, such as Retirement Planning and Investment Planning.
(2204) Whom do I contact if I have problems on the site?

If you are having trouble finding information on this site, Contact Us. We're here to help. By calling the MyFRS Financial Guidance Line toll-free at 1-866-446-9377, you'll have access to experts who can answer all your questions about retirement planning, the FRS retirement plans, and managing your finances. This free service to all FRS members is a one-point source that will conveniently route you to the right source for information, including:

  • Plan choice information and financial guidance from expert, unbiased financial planners at EY
  • Details about the FRS Pension Plan from experienced counselors at the Division of Retirement
  • Information about conducting FRS Investment Plan transactions from Alight Solutions, the Investment Plan Administrator
  • Help using and understanding the new GuidedChoice ADVISOR® SERVICE

Service hours are 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. Eastern time (7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Central time), Monday through Friday except holidays. (However, hours for the Division of Retirement are 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Eastern; 7 a.m. to 4 p.m. Central.)

Employees living or traveling outside the U.S. can still use the toll-free number to contact the MyFRS Financial Guidance Line. You'll need to have an AT&T calling card or AT&T international network remote access to use the service. Access AT&T's international dialing guide.

or, if you like, please e-mail us your question.

(30) Who should my family contact in the event of my death?

In the event of your death, your family should contact the MyFRS Financial Guidance Line at 1-866-446-9377, Option 2 (Investment Plan) or 1-866-446-9377, Option 3 (Pension Plan) .