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This 90-minute retirement planning workshop provides an overview of the FRS and helps you understand the nuts and bolts of planning for your retirement. The workshop will demonstrate how everyday living expenses and inflation dramatically reduce your fixed retirement income. You will see the role the FRS Retirement Plans play in meeting your financial goals as well as the income gap that must be made up through saving and investing. You will leave the workshop with a full understanding of the ongoing financial planning resources available to you as a member of the FRS.

Recorded on April 3, 2019

Key Topics:
  • Free Planning Resources
  • 6 Step Retirement Planning Process
  • FRS Pension Plan including DROP
  • FRS Investment Plan
  • 2nd Election
  • Social Security
  • The Importance of Saving Early
  • Deferred Compensation, 403(b), and IRAs

Target Audience:

Everyone from Early to Late Career employees


Este taller de 90 minutos es para la planificación de la jubilación y le ofrece una descripción general del FRS. También le ayudará a comprender los elementos básicos para planificar su jubilación. El taller le demostrará cómo los gastos diarios y la inflación drásticamente reducen sus ingresos fijos de jubilación. Podrá ver cómo los planes de retiro del FRS le ayudan con sus metas financieras, así cómo la diferencia de ingresos que debe ser compuesto por medio del ahorro y la inversión. Usted saldrá del taller con una comprensión completa de los recursos de la planificación financiera que son disponibles para los miembros del FRS.

Grabado el 3 de abril 2019

Temas Principales:
  • Recursos de Planificación Gratuitos
  • Proceso de 6 Pasos para Planificar la Jubilación
  • Plan de Pension del FRS incuyendo DROP
  • Plan de Inversión del FRS
  • Segunda Elección
  • La Importancia de Ahorrar Temprano
  • Seguro Social
  • Compensión Deferido y 403(b) IRAs


Todos los Empleados en Cualquier Etapa de su Carrera.


This workshop focuses on discussing practical issues important for those nearing retirement. Topics include setting retirement goals, including income needs, and understanding your sources of retirement income, including FRS plans and Social Security. We'll look at distribution options for various plans and explore how to create an annual income stream in retirement that can last your lifetime. The workshop will explain taxation, required minimum distributions and the potential order for withdrawals. Throughout the workshop, we'll highlight the many resources available to you as an FRS employee.

Recorded on April 4, 2019

Key Topics:
  • Setting retirement goals
  • Retirement expenses and budgeting
  • Fixed Income Streams (Pension Plan, Social Security, etc.)
  • Flexible Income from Assets (Investment Plan, DROP, 403(b), 457, IRAs, etc.)
  • Converting assets to income streams
  • Retirement distribution tax issues
  • Free Planning Resources

Target Audience:

Employees within 5 - 10 years of retirement


Este taller se concentra en asuntos prácticos que son importantes para miembros acercándose a la jubilación. Los temas incluyen: establecer metas de retiro y comprensión de fuentes de ingresos incluyendo los planes del FRS y el Seguro Social. Hablaremos sobre las opciones de distribución de varios planes y como crear un plan de ingresos anuales que le durarán por vida. Este taller le explicará temas de impuestos y distribuciones mínimas obligatorias impuestas por el gobierno federal. Además, repasaremos los recursos disponibles para usted como empleado del FRS.

Grabado el 5 de abril 2018

Temas de importancia:
  • Establecer metas de jubilación
  • Gastos y presupuestos durante el retiro
  • Ingresos Fijos (Plan de pensión, Seguro Social, etc.)
  • Ingresos Flexibles de Activos (Plan de inversión, DROP, 403(b), 457, IRAs, etc.)
  • Conversión de activos a fuentes de ingresos
  • Asuntos relacionados con los impuestos de distribuciones
  • Recursos gratuitos para la planificación

Público objetivo:

Para los empleados dentro de 5 a 10 años de la jubilación.


This 90-minute estate and insurance planning workshop is designed to assist you in understanding the importance of protecting yourself and your entire family. The workshop will answer questions on how FRS and Social Security benefits affect your survivors, why you should have a will, living will, power of attorney, and other essential estate documents. We'll also review a number of financial risks life may pose, and how you can use medical, disability, property, long-term care and life insurance to help protect against such risks.

Recorded on October 3, 2018

Key Topics:
  • Wills & Other Legal Documents
  • Life, Medical, Disability, Property, and Long-Term Care Insurance
  • Survivor Benefits - FRS + Social Security
  • Gifting
  • Estate Tax Calculation & Issues

Target Audience:



This 90-minute workshop provides a six-step process for managing your investments. We'll discuss the different types of asset classes and how to allocate funds among your investment choices. We'll review the sources of investment risk and solid techniques for managing those risks. This workshop will also help you make sound investment decisions with the assistance of the MyFRS Financial Guidance Line and the Advisor Service. A great planning workshop no matter which Retirement Plan you participate in.

Recorded on October 2, 2018

Key Topics:
  • Asset Allocation
  • Understanding and minimizing risk
  • Free Planning Resources

Target Audience:



This retirement plan choice education workshop is for new employees who want to learn about the FRS Retirement Plans.

Recorded on January 9, 2019

Key Topics:
  • Understanding your choice
  • Pension vs. Investment Plan comparison
  • Free Planning Resources
  • Retirement Choice Process

Target Audience:

New hires within the 8 month election window.


Este taller educativo es para empleados nuevos que quieren entender los planes de jubilación del FRS.

Grabado el 4 de abril 2019

Temas Principales:
  • Entendiendo su opción
  • Plan de Pensión v Plan de Inversión
  • Recursos de Planificación Gratuitos
  • Proceso para elegir su opción


Empleados nuevos que están entre sus ventanas de elección inicial de 6 meses.


Children are the future, but funding their education comes at no small cost. This 60-minute workshop will help you estimate the costs of education and identify ways to pay for schooling. Tax advantaged savings vehicles, including information on Florida-sponsored plans, will be explored as well as various types of financial aid as a means to cover expenses. Whether your child is near or far from beginning their higher education, this workshop will help you identify the costs associated with college, ways to pay for them and understand the financial aid application process.

Recorded on July 7, 2017

Key Topics:
  • 6 Step Process for Education Funding
  • Free Planning Resources
  • Costs of Education
  • Savings/Investing Strategies for Education
  • Financial Aid

Target Audience:

Employees with Education Funding Goals


This 60-minute workshop provides a four-step process for managing your income, expenses and debts. We'll help you evaluate current spending, develop a plan for the reduction and prevention of debt, and create a budget. You will leave the workshop with a full understanding of the ongoing financial planning resources available to help you take control of your finances and budget your way to a secure financial future.

Recorded on January 9, 2019

Key Topics:
  • 4 Steps for Income, Expenses & Debt Management
  • Analyzing Spending
  • Managing Debt Wisely
  • Creating a Spending Plan
  • Budgeting for Retirement
  • Free Planning Resources

Target Audience:



This 90-minute workshop is designed to help evaluate your current spending habits and create a plan to help accomplish your financial goals. Tips for reducing expenses, managing debt, repaying student loans and making decisions on the best use of available funds will be explored. We will also discuss how and when to review your credit reports and what makes up your FICO score. You will learn how to balance managing your everyday expenses while thoughtfully saving for your future. You will leave the workshop with a full understanding of the ongoing financial planning resources available to help you reduce debt, manage your credit and budget your way to a secure financial future.

Recorded on July 11, 2018

Key Topics:
  • Reducing Expenses
  • Analyzing Spending
  • Managing Debt Wisely
  • Creating a Spending Plan
  • Repaying Student Loans
  • Understanding Credit Reports/FICO Score
  • Free Planning Resources

Target Audience:



This 90-minute tax planning workshop will help you understand the basics of the Federal tax form 1040, help you learn ways to reduce your taxable income, and even exclude some income from tax altogether! You will learn about the more common deductions and credits available to taxpayers, how much to have withheld from your paychecks, and how to avoid IRS penalties. Additionally, we will discuss an action plan that utilizes tax advantaged retirement savings accounts as a means of efficiently saving for your retirement. Your action plan will help organize the steps you can legally take throughout the year to minimize your exposure to Federal income tax.

Recorded on January 8, 2019

Key Topics:
  • Understand federal tax form 1040
  • Learn the basic tax calculation
  • Review of the current tax brackets
  • Understand common deductions and credits
  • Know what determines paycheck withholdings
  • Understand tax advantaged retirement savings accounts
  • Learn to use free planning resources
  • Recognizing opportunities to reduce and manage taxes

Target Audience:



This 90-minute FRS Investment Plan workshop is designed to help Investment Plan members better understand their benefits, while also helping FRS Pension Plan members determine if switching to the Investment Plan is the right move for them. After attending this workshop you will understand all aspects of the FRS Investment Plan, including plan features, payment options, investment fund choices, and the tools available to help you with your investment selections. You will learn how to use your second election, and discover the resource tools available to help you decide if switching plans is the right move for you.

Recorded on July 12, 2018

Key Topics:
  • Understanding the FRS Plans
  • 2nd Election
  • Investment Fund Choices
  • Advisor Service
  • Investment Plan Features
  • Free Planning Resources

Target Audience:

Investment Plan members and Pension Plan members considering switching to the Investment Plan.

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